Perdido Key


Find the Lost key of Perdido Key

Not too far from Orange Beach and near Pensacola, FL -  Perdido Key is a tiny strip of white beaches that cuts through the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico for 16 miles. Accessible from Alabama or Florida by bridges, the island is 60% federal or state wilderness parks.

Perdido Key has been called the "lost key," reflective of the attempt by early Spanish settlers to find a pass between Pensacola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Cartographer Don Carols Siquenza came from the motherland to find a deep channel, which he did with the help of Native American guides. They called the pass "perdido," the Spanish word for "lost." The pass was origianlly located near where the FloraBama Lounge and Package Store stand today, but nature has shifted its location.

History aside, you will not feel lost when you reach Perdido Key, as this small area offers the best of teh Gulf Coast. You can spend all of your time at Perdido Key on the beach enjoying the white, sugary sand, the sounds of the surf, and the amazing sunshine, then break away to enjoy some unforgettable seafood and a tropical beverage at a local restaurant. If you want a mix of activities and relaxation, Perdido Key will surprise you! For a small island that is only a few hundred yards across in most places, Perdido Key is packed with things to do. You can even check out 101 Things To Do in Perdido Key, as envisioned at

Love nature? Visit The Estuarium, The Gulf Breeze Zoo, or the Wildlife Sanctuary of NW Florida. Marvel at the beauty of the Perdido Key Beach Dune Habitat, which helps prevent the beauteous white sand from blowing away.

Love golf? Play non-stop golf at the Lost Key Golf Club or Perdido Bay Golf Club.

Love fishing? Go out with the AquaVenture Charters, Captain Bubba Charter Boats, Reel Surprise Charters.

Like water sports? Enjoy the Gulf at the Lost Key Marina and Yacht Club,Marine Group Emerald Coast or the Pensacola Lighthouse Association, Perdido Cove Resort & Marina, Sun Harbor Watersports, or Wallace Boat Rentals.

You can even catch the latest movie or relax at a local spa.